Sunday, March 31, 2013

Catching up

So, to play a little catch up on what we've been doing for, wow, almost a year now, here goes. We'll pick the story up last spring, as we started to gear up for the move back to the States. We did a lot of things for the last time in Guadalajara:

 Last Día de la Madre performance, one of the more bizarre yet charming rites at our school.

Last birthday lonche, this time for Iris, who is a summer baby and did hers on one of the girls' last days of school. Ruby was the guest of honor, of course, and yes, Iris is wearing pajamas, as it was pajama day too.

Last days at the club.

Last breakfast in our house.

The hardest of all, last day with Natalia.

And then we were on the plane.

And then we were here.

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